Mission and Vision

Maximize veteran employment opportunities in the private sector.

Provide best in class tools and expertise allowing corporations to identify, attract, hire, develop, promote and retain veterans.

Core Values


Soundness of one’s character; it is who you are when nobody is looking. Those who serve do so under the most extreme of conditions. With each task and each mission, they place their life in the hands of another, trusting the person next to them has the highest integrity.

How would your business change if every accountant, sales person, engineer, executive or any other employee served with unconditional integrity, as if their lives depended on one another?


Fearless, brave, intrepid boldness. Military service comes with inherent risk and danger. Safety is paramount; when this is violated, people die.

Courage is not simply running into a hail of gunfire, it is closely tied to integrity. When safety is at risk or the status quo compromises values, it is integrity which gives one the courage to stand on their convictions and say,“No, not on my watch.”


To guide, direct, inspire the actions of others. Processes are managed, people are lead. Military service is arguably the greatest crucible for developing leaders.

Over the next decade top leaders will retire creating a leadership vacuum. What is your succession plan for replacing these leaders and how will you attract the best leaders capable of performing under any conditions imaginable?


The vivid anticipation of what may be. Effective leaders inspire others not only with what is but what WILL be. They foster a collaborative environment where their team passionately pursues the collective vision.

In today’s constantly changing business environment, who inspires your team to not only accept but embrace the ever changing landscape?


Serve with merit, distinction, virtue. To be the best you must attract, hire, develop, promote and retain the best. The best aspire to excellence in all they do.

How does your company inspire excellence? Do you start with hiring the best or lack a strategic plan and hope for the best?

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