Characteristics of Military Leaders Pt II: Technical proficiency

Many technologies we use daily were developed for military use before they were adopted in the private sector. Perhaps the greatest example would be something we carry with us each and every day in a cell phone – GPS. Most phones today have some sort of location tracker in them, almost all smart phones now have GPS and navigation as a standard feature. This technology can track its roots back to the military and was used by soldiers in the field long before it made its way to cell phones and various portable GPS units for use in vehicles.

As technology grows rapidly much of the latest and greatest technology is unveiled in the armed forces first. Leaders must stay current and proficient with the technology and insure their teams are as well. The last decade has seen great technical changes in the way we engage the enemy and respond to the changing threats. The use of robotics and unmanned/remotely piloted vehicles has increased exponentially as a result of the way the enemy engaged our forces. This technology is rolled out quickly and the force adapts their strategic and tactical plans to keep up with the changes. This is done rapidly and efficiently and it is these skills which are directly applicable to private sector employment. While change management can be difficult, how beneficial would it be to your business to hire a leader who is use to managing rapid change literally in the heat of the battle?? If you feel it would be beneficial…hire a vet!!

Dennis Davis, Chief Translation Officer

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