Employer’s Round Table – Veteran Hiring Initiatives Forum

Join us as we host an Employer’s Round Table – Veteran Hiring Initiatives Forum. March 8, 9 – Noon. Associated Financial – Minnetonka, MN


In October 2011 the state unemployment rate in Minnesota was 6.5% while the unemployment rate among veterans in Minnesota who had served since 2001 was 22.9%. Let that sink in for a moment: 22.9%. Service in today’s military builds critical core
values such as integrity, courage, leadership, vision and
excellence. Veterans are highly educated; both formally and
informally, bring discipline to any process and perform at high
levels under extreme pressure with the ability to triumph in the face of adversity. So what is the challenge in transitioning from military service to a productive career in the private sector?
Join us as we explore perception of veterans in the private sector. Through this facilitated discussion these topics will be covered:
• What are the general stereotypes people have about veterans?
• What are the challenges in hiring veterans?
• What are the benefits of hiring a veteran?
• What transferable skills do you see them bringing to the workforce?
• Is there a tangible ROI which comes with hiring a veteran?
• What types of positions do you see the best fit for hiring a veteran transitioning out of military service?
• Does your organization have a strategic plan for hiring veterans?
• Will your organization take advantage of federal tax credits for hiring veterans?

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